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Andrew Stephens

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Andrew Stephens is a specialist criminal law barrister with a thriving practice. By choice, he acts solely for the defence. Andrew Stephens is regularly instructed in serious matters as well as those needing that bit of extra care. He is well adept at dealing with people with vulnerabilities, be they lay clients or witnesses.

Andrew Stephens’ manner, with his professional and lay clients, with juries and with judges is perhaps his greatest asset. His eloquence in court is well-known as is his ability to achieve results that many thought impossible. It is not surprising that Andrew Stephens gets what every barrister strives for, regular and repeat instructions by solicitors.

Andrew Stephens has extensive experience in cases of organised crime, serious violence, serious drug matters, serious sexual offences, fraud & money laundering. By way of example:

Organised Crime:

  • R v LI (& Ors.): Multi-handed national conspiracy
  • R v VB (& Ors.): Multi-handed large-scale Human Trafficking
  • R v DG (& Ors.): Tobacco importation (shipping containers, numerous docks)

Serious Violence:

  • R v KS: Murder. Psychiatric patient on psychiatric patient
  • R v LK: Attempted Murder. Gang-related revenge attack
  • R v AB: Attempted Murder. Two victims. Random attack. (Current Instruction)

Serious Drugs:

  • R v AL: Drugs and firearms
  • R v TvS (& Ors.): Conspiracy. (Current Instruction)
  • R v EM (& Ors.): Conspiracy. (Current Instruction)

Serious Sexual Offences:

  • R v AR (& Ors.): Gang rape.
  • R v TK: Multi-complainant campaign of rapes
  • R v RM: Historic sex at a prestigious public school

Fraud & Money Laundering:

  • R v FO’R (& Ors.): Nationwide fraud
  • R v JK (& Ors.): Nationwide fraud
  • R v FJ: 22-Count Indictment

Qualifications, Associations

  • LLB Hons
  • Member of the CBA
  • Sussex Bar Mess Member
Called 2004, Lincolns Inn
Deputy Head of Chambers (Crime)
Practice Area: Crime


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