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Tayo Adebayo

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Legal 500 - “is well regarded for his handling of complex, lengthy trials”.

Tayo's practice sees him travel all over the UK, dealing with the most serious allegations. He also has significant experience in the Court of Appeal. He has been instructed to defend in a number of Encrochat cases. All cases involved Organised Crime Groups supplying multiple kilos of class A drugs, namely cocaine and heroin:

Qualifications, Associations

  • Degree in Classics
  • Diploma in Law
  • Criminal Bar Association

Notable Cases

  • Encrochat Cases - R v Winsor (2021) - Preston CC; R v Gibbons (2021) - Cardiff CC; R v Kenny (2021) - Bolton CC; R v McNally (2022) - Reading CC.
  • R v Nunes (2019) Leading junior for the first defendant who was charged with supplying cocaine.It was alleged that his drugs business was the main supply of cocaine in the town of Newport, Wales.
  • R v Noye (& others) - Guildford Crown Court defendants on a 34 count Indictment of multiple rapes and assault by penetration. One victim. Offences took place over a weekend.
  • R v Bridger (2017) Leading junior for the first defendant who was a prison officer charged with conspiracy to supply List A,B and C prohibited articles including class A drugs into the prison he worked at.
  • R v Edwards (& others) - 2 months and three months trials in 2016 and 2017 (retrial). Leading Junior. Conspiracy to supply multiple kilos of Cocaine from Liverpool to Brighton. I represented the banker. Stored cash, firearms and drugs in a safe in his flat.
  • R v Shoebridge - Money laundering 5 week trial, 7 defendants. Fraud involved targeting vulnerable and elderly victims.
  • R v Bridger (& others) 2017 - Leading junior. Conspiracy to smuggle class A drugs, spice, alcohol, mobile phones into Lewes prison. I represented the main defendant who was a serving prison officer. Trial lasted two months.
  • R v Rattray - Rape step daughter who was between 5 and 15 and possession of child pornography.
  • R v Dusek - Child cruelty, Portsmouth CC, Oct/Nov 2017. Victim was 11 year old step son. I represented the stepfather. Co-defendant was mother by birth. Two week trial. Allegations that over two year period daily abuse involving been locked in bedroom for between 2 and 8 hours, made to kneel on screws, burnt ankle with a lighter, writing lines for up to 4 hours a day, lack of clothing.
  • R-v-Zemmel (& others) – Leading Counsel for the Crown.  14 week 8 handed conspiracy to defraud at Southwark Crown Court.
  • R-v-Humphrey (& others) – Led junior in Customs & Excise prosecution. 2 month conspiracy to import endangered species at Isleworth Crown Court
  • R-v-Wilkinson (& others) – Conspiracy to endanger life which arose out of a neighbour dispute at Chelmsford Crown Court
  • R-v-Stretch & Puttock – Led junior in Murder trial at the Central Criminal Court which went to 3 trials.