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Tayo Adebayo

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Tayo's practice encompasses serious crime, prosecution and defence.

Legal 500 - “is well regarded for his handling of complex, lengthy trials”.

Qualifications, Associations

  • Degree in Classics
  • Diploma in Law
  • Criminal Bar Association

Notable Cases

  • R v Noye (& others) - Guildford Crown Court defendants on a 34 count Indictment of multiple rapes and assault by penetration. One victim. Offences took place over a weekend.
  • R v Edwards (& others) - 2 months and three months trials in 2016 and 2017 (retrial). Leading Junior. Conspiracy to supply multiple kilos of Cocaine from Liverpool to Brighton. I represented the banker. Stored cash, firearms and drugs in a safe in his flat.
  • R v Shoebridge - Money laundering 5 week trial, 7 defendants. Fraud involved targeting vulnerable and elderly victims.
  • R v Bridger (& others) 2017 - Leading junior. Conspiracy to smuggle class A drugs, spice, alcohol, mobile phones into Lewes prison. I represented the main defendant who was a serving prison officer. Trial lasted two months.
  • R v Rattray - Rape step daughter who was between 5 and 15 and possession of child pornography.
  • R v Dusek - Child cruelty, Portsmouth CC, Oct/Nov 2017. Victim was 11 year old step son. I represented the stepfather. Co-defendant was mother by birth. Two week trial. Allegations that over two year period daily abuse involving been locked in bedroom for between 2 and 8 hours, made to kneel on screws, burnt ankle with a lighter, writing lines for up to 4 hours a day, lack of clothing.
  • R-v-Zemmel (& others) – Leading Counsel for the Crown.  14 week 8 handed conspiracy to defraud at Southwark Crown Court.
  • R-v-Humphrey (& others) – Led junior in Customs & Excise prosecution. 2 month conspiracy to import endangered species at Isleworth Crown Court.
  • R-v-Wilkinson (& others) – Conspiracy to endanger life which arose out of a neighbour dispute at Chelmsford Crown Court.
  • R-v-Stretch & Puttock – Led junior in Murder trial at the Central Criminal Court which went to 3 trials.
  • R-v-Cole [2008] 1 Cr App R 5 CA – Hearsay provisions – represented Respondent successfully.