Gareth Burrows concludes large drugs conspiracy case in Swansea

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April 23, 2021
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May 22, 2021

Gareth Burrows, being led by Gary Bell QC, and instructed by Salhan and Co, has just finished representing the alleged head of an OCG in a multi-kilo drug conspiracy worth in excess of 1 million pounds, in a trial at Swansea. 

Gareth now moves on immediately to prosecute a multi-defendant, multi-kilo drugs conspiracy, led by Dale Sullivan from Westgate, in what is expected to be three separate trials taking place throughout the rest of the year, starting next week.

Sean Gould, Senior Clerk, says, ‘Gareth, like other tenants at Westgate, is able to undertake heavyweight, back-to-back trials all over the country.  This is indicative of the comprehensive service we are able to provide’.