Tayo Adebayo case reported on Crimeline November Edition

Richard Cherrill secures further convictions against a serial paedophile who targeted young boys in the Brighton area for decades
November 5, 2018
Harry MacDonald successfully concludes a trial at Canterbury Crown Court concerning facilitating unlawful entry to the UK
November 7, 2018

Tayo Adebayo case reported on Crimeline November Edition:-

R v Bridger & Taylor

The two appellants were prison officers convicted of conspiracy to convey prohibited items into HMP Lewes without authorisation. A number of prisoners and prisoner’s relatives were also involved in the conspiracy. Bridger was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment, Taylor to 8 years.

The Court of Appeal held that the sentencing judge was correct in concluding that this offence (for Bridger) was truly a case of the utmost gravity deserving of the maximum sentence, “it is important to dispel the notion that the maximum sentence for an offence cannot be passed if it is possible to envisage any more serious example of the offence.” His appeal was therefore dismissed. It was contended by Taylor that his role was significantly less than that of Bridger and should have been reflected by a greater difference in their sentences. The Court of Appeal agreed, his involvement was much shorter, he was involved with fewer conspirators, and received less payment, no class A drug was found either. A sentence of 7 years imprisonment was substituted.