Philip Meredith, John Hatton and Richard Barton conclude nationally-important drugs case

His Honour Judge Rennie retires
May 9, 2020
Members of Westgate Chambers assist in testing the new Crown Court remote hearing system in Sussex
May 25, 2020

This case concerned a sophisticated plan to bring in to the UK many kilos, totalling almost a tonne, of high-purity cocaine under the cover of an apparently legitimate business. The case was of sufficient importance that it was investigated by the National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership.

Philip Meredith and John Hatton, representing one of the Defendants, dealt with the matter from the outset, including appearing at the Magistrates on a Saturday, in accordance with our Chambers’ policy on such last-minute hearings.

Richard Barton was briefed on behalf of the Prosecution, and conducted all hearings in the Crown Court thereafter.

Sean Gould, Senior Clerk, says, ‘This is a perfect example of how our Chambers, despite the current Covid-19 difficulties, are able to deal with cases of the gravest importance on behalf of both Defence and Prosecution. I am aware that those who instructed us were very pleased with the service we provided. We will continue to do so’.