Public Access

Until quite recently, members of the public could only obtain the advice and expertise of a barrister by first engaging a solicitor. Direct Access scheme allows you, in appropriate cases, to get instant access to specialist and expert help direct from a barrister.

The benefits of using the direct access scheme include:

- Greater control of your affairs.

You can use the services of a barrister when you choose. For example, you may choose to attend a court hearing yourself but receive clear and full advice from your barrister before you go, or, you may just need a meeting with a specialist barrister to decide whether or not to start legal proceedings.

- Reduced and manageable legal costs.

Barristers can work on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate, both will be agreed in advance, so there are no hidden costs and you know exactly how much you will need to pay. 

- Clear, concise and direct communication with your chosen barrister.

You get instant advice from a specialist Lawyer and advocate, skilled and experienced in drafting documents, procedure, representation and negotiation.

Direct Access is available in all types of work that barristers do. However, sometimes Direct Access in not the appropriate solution and we will advise you straight away if we think your case needs the services of a solicitor.  View the practice group

A copy of the Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients can be found here