Andrew Stephens' Notable Cases

Criminal barrister Andrew Stephens’ most notable cases include:

Serious violent crime

R v KS  Murder. Psychiatric patient on psychiatric patient.

R v LK  Attempted Murder. Gang-related revenge attack.

R v AB  Attempted Murder. Two victims. Random attack.

Serious drugs offences

R v AL  Drugs and firearms

R v TvS (and others) Conspiracy.

R v EM (and others) Conspiracy.

Serious Sexual Offences

R v AR (and others)  Gang rape.

R v TK  Multi-complainant campaign of rapes

R v RM  Historic sex at a prestigious public school

Fraud & Money Laundering

R v FO’R (and others)  Nationwide fraud

R v JK (and others)  Nationwide fraud

R v FJ  22-Count Indictment

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