Organised crime

Our criminal barristers specialise in organised crime cases.

Our criminal barristers have been involved in a long list of high profile and highly complex organised crime cases. 

We have both defended and prosecuted those accused of organised criminal activities in the highest profile cases ranging from armed robbery and drug conspiracies to human trafficking and, increasingly, financial and digital fraud.

Our criminal barristers have a hard won reputation for dealing with the intricate complexities and multi-jurisdictional nature of an organised crime case. 

We are repeatedly praised for our ability to forensically analyse the huge volumes of evidence involved and devise the innovative legal strategies and legal arguments required to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Areas of Criminal Law

What types of organised crime cases can our criminal barristers help you with?

Although we have been instructed to defend and prosecute every type of serious and organised crime, the cases we are most often involved with include:

• Armed Robbery and other violent offences
• Blackmail and extortion
• Brothel keeping and other sexual offences
• Digital fraud and phishing
• Drugs trafficking and supply
• Human trafficking and exploitation
• Labour exploitation
• Kidnapping
• Modern slavery
• Money laundering

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If you would like to discuss a case involving alleged organised crime involvement with one of our criminal barristers, please get in touch today.