Our criminal barristers specialise in kidnapping offences.

In 2020/21 the police recorded 5720 kidnapping offences in England and Wales.  This statistic is made even more worrying by the fact the number of kidnapping offences is currently rising by approximately 640 incidents every year.

This means it is even more vital that our clients can access criminal barristers who specialise in kidnapping offences to advise and represent them.

Our criminal barristers have prosecuted or defended clients accused of kidnappings since Westgate Chambers opened in 1987.  

When defending clients, we guide them through every stage of the legal process from pre-charge advice through to representing them in court.  If necessary, we will also launch an appeal against a kidnapping conviction or against a perceived miscarriage of justice.

Areas of Criminal Law

When prosecuting, we know how best to work alongside the prosecuting solicitors, the Crown Prosecution Service and other governmental and law enforcement agencies to ensure the case progresses supported by the right strategy and the strongest possible legal arguments.

Given kidnap will have a long-term if not lifelong impact on its victims, we are always highly cognisant of the fact we need to employ the highest levels of sensitivity when working with witnesses, their families and those supporting them.

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Which kidnapping offences can our criminal barristers help you with?

Our criminal barristers have extensive experience in representing clients accused of every type of kidnapping offence including: 

  • Child abduction
  • Criminal vendetta kidnap
  • Express Kidnap
  • Hoax/Scam kidnap
  • Human trafficking kidnap and forced prostitution
  • International kidnap
  • Kidnap for ransom
  • People smuggling kidnap
  • Stranger kidnap
  • Terrorist and political kidnap
  • Tiger kidnap

If you would like to discuss a kidnapping offence in total confidence with one of our best qualified criminal law barristers, please contact us today.