Direct Access

You can instruct a barrister via Direct Access by following these three easy steps …

Step 1 – Initial Enquiry

Please complete the enquiry form which will help our clerks to assess your matter that you require assistance with. 

Once we have your details, a clerk will contact you as soon as possible. 

Please note we are not able to accept cases that are funded by Legal Aid.

Step 2 – Estimates and Quotes

If your case is suitable for Direct Access, you will be provided with Counsel available to deal with your case, and an estimate or quote for the cost of the work that needs to be carried out on your behalf.  There will be times that we may require a copy of some specific court documents to be able to provide you with a quote rather than an estimate.

Step 3 – Contract and Payment

Once a Barrister with the correct specialism has been identified and their fees have been agreed with you, we will require the full court papers from you if you have not already provided them to us. These will include a copy of any documents filed at court and or, any relevant correspondence with the other side. 

Finally, we will also require a copy of some photographic identification from you, confirming your personal details as provided in your enquiry.

We will then send you your barristers Client Care Letter confirming the terms of the instruction which covers the work to be undertaken, their fee and when those fees are to be paid by. The Client Care Letter forms the contract between you and your barrister and it is legally binding. Payment of Counsels fees constitutes your agreement to the terms within the Client Care Letter. No work will be undertaken until full payment has been made.

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