Our criminal barristers are hugely experienced in murder cases.

Since Westgate Chambers was founded four decades ago, we have built up an enviable reputation for both defending and prosecuting high-profile murder cases.

The types of cases we have been instructed on include homicide, ‘honour killings’ and – through our involvement with organised crime – revenge murders and contract killings. 

We are also highly experienced in murder cases that arose because the victim died as a result of another serious crime, for example robbery, violent assault, kidnap or a sexual offence.

The solicitors we work alongside repeatedly complement us for the way we approach a case.

Areas of Criminal Law

This not only relates to our meticulous preparation and analysis of the evidence, but also to the way we look at the wider possible causes for the accused’s behaviour (for example their mental health in case there is an argument for insanity or diminished responsibility).

We also know when to bring in an expert witness to examine crucial aspects of the case in greater detail for example when medical and pathological evidence is needed, where the death of a young child or baby is involved or where the examination of technology like mobile phones, laptops, computers or facial recognition software is required.

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Whatever the background to the case, our criminal barristers will be on hand from the very earliest stages of an allegation by providing pre-charge advice and support during police interviews through to the hearing at Crown Court or the High Court.

Should the case reach appeal, we will introduce you to the members of our criminal team who have appeared before the Court of Appeal and have the specific knowledge and expertise to drive an appeal to the best possible outcome.

If you would like to discuss a murder case in total confidence with one of our best qualified criminal law barristers, please contact us today.