Our criminal barristers are highly experienced in manslaughter cases.

The criminal team at Westgate Chambers has a national reputation for defending and prosecuting manslaughter and accidental death cases in London, on the South Eastern Circuit and across the UK.

We continually act for both defence solicitors and the Crown Prosecution Service and have built up a wealth of experience in cases involving tragic accidents, negligence and corporate manslaughter including those caused by self-defence, loss of control or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Where the causes appear to be linked to psychiatric and mental health concerns, we will work with expert witnesses in a sensitive and wholly collegiate way to work out how these factors impacted the case.

Areas of Criminal Law

Whatever the circumstances of your case and however death has been caused, our criminal barristers will be on hand from the very earliest stage providing pre-charge advice and support during police interviews through to the hearing at Crown Court or the High Court.

Should the case reach appeal, we will introduce you to the members of our criminal team who have appeared before the Court of Appeal and have the specific knowledge and expertise needed to progress an appeal to the best possible outcome.

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Which types of manslaughter cases can our criminal barristers help you with?

Our criminal barristers have extensive experience in representing clients in every type of case involving manslaughter or accidental death including:

  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Death as a result of a severe injury
  • Death caused by an unusual or indirect method
  • Death in service
  • Death in the workplace
  • Death of a child by neglect or abuse
  • Gross negligence
  • Health and Safety Executive prosecutions
  • Medical negligence
  • Professional negligence
  • Refusal to take proper care of oneself or a dependent

If you would like to discuss a manslaughter case in total confidence with one of our best qualified criminal law barristers, please contact us today.