Our criminal barristers specialise in robbery, armed robbery, burglary, theft and shop-lifting cases.

If you’ve been accused of any type of robbery from burglary to shoplifting, you will need an experienced criminal barrister.

This is especially true if your charge involves the use of a knife, firearm or other weapon as this will inevitably lead the prosecution to push for a greatly increased sentence. 

Our criminal barristers have long been asked to represent clients accused of robbery and related offences. We guide clients through every stage of the legal process from pre-charge advice through to representing them in court and, if necessary, lodging an appeal against a conviction or against a supposed miscarriage of justice.

Which types of robbery cases can our criminal barristers help you with?

Areas of Criminal Law

Our criminal barristers have extensive experience in representing clients accused of every type of robbery including:

• Armed robbery
• Burglary by stealing or entering with intent to steal
• Going equipped to steal or commit burglary with intent to steal
• Handling stolen goods
• Less sophisticated commercial robberies
• Professionally planned commercial robberies
• Robberies of small businesses
• Shoplifting
• Street robbery or ‘mugging’
• Violent personal robberies in the home

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If the accused is or was under 18 when the offence was committed, we will also take care to ensure their sentence meets the relevant Sentencing Children and Young People guidelines.

If you would like to discuss a case involving robbery, armed robbery, burglary, theft or shop-lifting crime offence with one of our criminal barristers, please contact us today.