Child Arrangements

Family law barristers who specialise in private law children cases.

Also known as Child Arrangements, our specialist private law barristers have a hard won reputation for successfully resolving disputes between parents over the ongoing arrangements for their children following a divorce, separation or death.

Divorce, separation, the dissolution of a relationship and the death of a parent can all cause a variety of issues to arise around the care, upbringing and financial support of the children involved.

These issues can lead to serious disputes.  Who will look after the children?  Where will they live?  How much time should they spend with each parent?  How much access will both sets of grandparents have?  Which parent will be responsible for providing financial security for each child?

Areas of Family Law

Often there are also more specific issues to address.

Where will the children go to school and who will pay for their schooling? Holidays, and returning from out of the Jurisdiction. If they need ongoing medical treatment, who will be responsible and where will it be administered? And if one parent lives abroad, how will their parents be able to see them either temporarily or permanently?

Our specialist Private Law barristers can help you address and answer these and several other questions. We have extensive experience of representing parents, grandparents and other family members in all levels of court, in London, in the South East and nationwide.

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The areas of private law our barristers can help you with include:

  • Enforcement of orders relating to children’s arrangements
  • Non Molestation and Occupation Order Injunctions
  • Removal from the Jurisdiction including Child Abduction, national and international
  • Same sex relationships

Our members specialise in cases that have elements of;

  • Domestic violence and Sexual abuse
  • Intractable hostility
  • Parental alienation
  • Coercive Control

If it’s felt that the children involved are at immediate risk, we will advise upon the urgent action required to secure the appropriate legal orders to ensure the children are neither left at risk nor suffer unnecessary or undue distress. 

If you would like to discuss a family law case in total confidence with one of our best qualified family law barristers, please contact us today.