Our Family Law team includes accredited arbitrators who specialise in using arbitration to settle disputes involving arrangements for children.

Our arbitrators can often provide a different, more effective yet legally binding way to settle family disputes involving children.

Arbitration not only offers an alternative to the court process, but it is also an alternative that often delivers a resolution more quickly and more cost-effectively.

If this method of dispute resolution is new to you, it is a process designed to enable couples going through family breakdown to resolve any disputes arising from their separation confidentially and in a more flexible and less formal setting than Court.

If you would like to discuss how our accredited arbitrators could help you to settle a family dispute involving children more effectively, please contact us today.

Areas of Family Law

The process is overseen by an independent arbitrator. Their job is to make a decision regarding child-related disputes that will be final and binding between the parties.

The same arbitrator will deal with the case from start to finish but the couple concerned will have the final say in how the proceedings are run, where the meetings are held and whether the process is conducted in person or in writing.

While arbitration is a genuine alternative to going to court for most family cases, there are some situations where arbitration might not be suitable, for example if evidence is needed from third parties or if there is a child protection issue.

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If you would like to discuss whether arbitration would be a suitable alternative for a specific case, please ask us.

Our family team includes several barristers who are experienced and fully accredited arbitrators who will conduct your family arbitration in full accordance with the rules of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. 

If required, we can also provide facilities for hosting the arbitration hearings either in person or via video.

To find out more about how our barristers can help you with a family arbitration, please contact us today.