Dispute Resolution

Westgate Chambers offers alternative dispute resolution with family arbitrators in our team.

Over recent years alternative dispute resolution has established itself as a viable and, often, preferential alternative to litigation.

Mediation and arbitration are popular with clients as they offer a less confrontational and more comfortable way to resolve even the most complex and multi-faceted family and civil cases. 

If you would like to discuss alternative ways to settle a family law dispute, please contact us today.

Areas of Family Law

However, with more and more Courts sanctioning parties for failing to attempt alternative dispute resolution and the continued need to adhere to the Jackson reforms’ demands regarding improved costs management and proportionality, it is becoming more important than ever to explore the option of alternative dispute resolution.

Westgate Chambers has several barristers who specialise in civil mediation and family arbitration for children. If this is a route you would like to consider, please email us and we will provide more details.

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We can also supply conference rooms, a break out room and video conferencing facilities if you would like to host your mediation or arbitration at chambers.  These facilities are provided free of charge if you use one of Westgate Chambers’ barristers as your arbitrator or mediator.

To find out more about how our barristers can help you with ADR, mediation and arbitration, please get in touch.