Financial Remedy

Our Family Law barristers specialise in matrimonial finances and financial remedy.

Our Financial Remedy specialist have a long and distinguished history of providing advice and advocacy in financial disputes arising from divorce, separation and cohabitation.  We operate across all levels of court, in London, in the South East and nationwide.

Because of this history, our members are continually being instructed to act in cases at every stage of the litigation process from initial advice through to court hearings.

As our family team has the added benefit of experience in other areas of family law such as TOLATA and Schedule 1 Childrens Act, so we can also provide a more comprehensive service if required. 

Today a divorce settlement is very rarely just about finances.  Having a highly experienced barrister who can take a more holistic view and analyse all the various facets of a case will massively improve the running of the case and, ultimately, the probability we will reach the best possible outcome for our clients.

Areas of Family Law

This becomes increasingly difficult when the dispute relates to larger and more complex assets. We have particular experience in financial settlements involving:

• Concealment of assets
• Disputes over The Inheritance Act and inherited wealth
• Division of assets
• Estates and property portfolios
• Enforcement
• High net worth individuals
• Inherited and pre-acquired assets
• International and multijurisdictional elements
• Offshore assets
• Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
• Pensions
• Private and publicly listed companies and limited liability partnerships
• Schedule 1
• Trusts and other complex tax or wealth management structures

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Should it be felt any of the assets involved are at immediate risk, we are able to advice on the urgent action we need to take to secure the appropriate legal orders to ensure our clients do not suffer any financial loss. 

However, as experienced family finance law barristers we also know how we look after our clients is just as important as how we practice law.

Going through Financial Remedy proceedings is all too often a highly stressful, worrying and emotional time.  This is where the personal touch we pride ourselves on providing, plays a huge part.

Not only will you find us welcoming, open, empathetic – we will represent you in a robust, proactive manner.  We wish to ensure that individuals we represent achieve the very best outcome.

If you would like to discuss a case involving matrimonial finances and financial remedy in total confidence with our best qualified family law barrister, please contact us today.