Our barrister-mediators can provide a more effective way to resolve civil disputes

Mediation can often provide an effective way to resolve civil disputes without having to go through the time-consuming stress and expense of going to Court.

Our team includes several barristers who are qualified to help you manage a mediation as an independent third party mediator. Their role is to help both sides to come to an agreement as to the fairest and most mutually acceptable way forward.

Areas of Family Law

Our civil mediators are all both accredited and hugely experienced.  They have mediated civil and commercial disputes of all types and sizes and although these cases have been varied, the types of cases we mediate most often include:

• Business and company disputes
• Contested Wills and probate matters
• Contract disputes
• Neighbour and boundary disputes
• Personal injury
• Professional and medical negligence
• Property and housing disputes

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While they will of course understand the legal aspects of your case, our barrister-mediators are also repeatedly praised for their sensitivity and tact whilst dealing with the various parties involved as much as they are for finding the right solution for what so often seems like an unresolvable dispute when we first sit down.

This unique combination of experience, legal knowledge and a genuinely personal touch means that during every mediation we will:

  • Highlight the issues that really need to be addressed
  • Clearly set out the potential ways forward
  • Suggest possible solutions
  • Help negotiate a settlement that will enable a binding agreement to be reached

To find out more about how our barristers can help you with a civil mediation, please get in touch.

Our family team includes accredited family arbitrators who provide a more effective way to settle family disputes concerning arrangements for children.

Arbitration can often provide a different, more effective yet legally binding way to settle family disputes involving children. 

Arbitration not only offers an alternative to the court process, but it is also an alternative that often delivers a resolution more quickly and more cost-effectively.

If family arbitration is new to you, it is a process designed to enable couples going through family breakdown to resolve any disputes arising from their separation confidentially and in a more flexible and less formal setting than Court.

The process is overseen by an independent arbitrator.  Their job is to make a decision regarding child-related disputes that will be final and binding between the parties.

The same arbitrator will deal with the case from start to finish but the couple concerned will have the final say in how the proceedings are run, where the meetings are held and whether the process is conducted in person or in writing.

While arbitration is a genuine alternative to going to court for most family cases, there are some situations where arbitration might not be suitable, for example if you need evidence is needed from third parties or if there is a child protection issue.

If you would like to discuss whether arbitration would be a suitable alternative for a specific case, please ask us.

Our family team includes several barristers who are experienced and fully accredited arbitrators who will conduct your family arbitration in full accordance with the rules of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators. 

If required, we can also provide facilities for hosting the arbitration hearings either in person or via video.

To find out more about how our barristers can help you with a family arbitration, please get in touch.