This article was originally published in SBT Magazine and is reproduced here with their kind permission.

How the only remaining Common Law Chambers in Sussex embraces change and prides itself on delivering a progressive, approachable and efficient service.

From what was believed to be a Criminal set of Chambers in Lewes to a powerhouse across Family, Civil and Criminal Law in Brighton – changing the perception has been a key obstacle to overcome in its continuing pursuit of excellence.

It may be celebrating its 35th anniversary but Westgate Chambers has both feet firmly in the future.

While proud of its past, it has swept decades-old perceptions to one side to carve out a forward-thinking brand that brings Barristers and clients closer together.

Forging those links is the Clerks’ Room, headed by Senior Clerk Sean Gould, with the new addition of Deputy Senior Clerk Stuart Taylor, it prides itself on providing excellence.

No case is too small, and this approachable, friendly team are acutely aware of the need to ensure that excellence is provided as experience in this ‘engine room’ and one of their core beliefs is providing the Solicitor with the right Barrister for the client, at the correct price. The clerks’ room believes in a truly collaborative approach to providing legal services.

We spoke to Sean and Stuart about the Chambers’ work and priorities. What we discovered is that there is nothing stuffy or set in stone when it comes to running a modern Chambers.

Flexibility is a real buzzword here – and that nimbleness even extends to negotiating fees.

“It is important to us that individuals and businesses know we are approachable,” said Stuart. “That is why we make getting to know our Solicitor clients a priority.”

“Building friendly but professional relationships helps us continue to provide the stellar service we are so proud of. In every relationship there is give and take and our modern approach to client management allows us to facilitate repeat instructions of members of chambers.”

You can read the rest of this article in SBT Magazine Issue 459 or you can download the article.