Richard Barton's Notable Cases

Criminal barrister Richard Barton’s most notable cases include:


R v Chatters  Defending in multiple-count fraud

R v Bradley  Prosecuting rape and attempted kidnap


R v Kayla-Joseph and others  Prosecuting the first successful child sexual exploitation case in Sussex.

R v Hall and others  Leading for the Prosecution in lengthy trial of members of an organised crime group concerned in the importation of hundreds of kilos of high-grade Class A drugs.

R v Parsons  Christmas Day murder concerning the abuse of legal highs

R v C and C  Prosecution of grandparents for assisting in the abduction of children to Northern Cyprus.

R v M  Successful half-time defence, based upon the evidence elicited from Prosecution witnesses during cross-examination, of a man accused of driving his milk tanker through a lowered level-crossing in South West Wales.

R v Styles  Trial of young man who walked six miles with a loaded shotgun intending to murder his love-rival.

R v Kennedy  Trial of a notorious Jean Paul Gaultier male model from Brighton.

R v W  Defence of driver whose car hit a lollypop lady when he was blinded by the sun. 


R v Ash Smith  Junior for Prosecution in notorious 1993 murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl in Greenhithe, Kent. This case was featured in the BBC documentary series, ‘The Prosecutors’. 

R v Blencowe  Lead Counsel in stabbing murder of 17 year old by his love rival in Oxford.

R v Henderson and others  Prosecuting three-handed homicide resulting from death of a street drinker in Eastbourne.

R v Ververopoulos  Stranger rape of 16 year old school girl in Aldershot in 2007; Defendant traced years later through his identical twin brother’s DNA on the Greek national database.

R v Green  Historic sexual assaults on teenagers at cycle speedway clubs in the South East.

R v Soutar  Successful sleep apnoea defence in high-profile death by dangerous driving trial in Newcastle.

R v Burgess  Serial rapist in West Sussex.

R v Daley and Robinson  Long-running conspiracy to import large quantities of cocaine from Jamaica. 

R v Shrimpton  Prosecuting a member of the Bar for child pornography.

R v D  Successful technical defence of alleged dangerous driver in Gloucestershire in legally complex case concerning the extent of the Crown Court’s jurisdiction.

R v Davies  Serial sex offender in Polegate.

R v C  Successful defence of care home worker accused of abuse of a dementia patient in the North West.


R v Forrest  High-profile case about the abduction to France of a 15 year old schoolgirl by her maths teacher.  See The Runaway Schoolgirl, a book written by the girl’s mother. 

R v Webber  Kidnap of model by photographer who claimed to work for MI5.

R v Barker, Rodgers, Dunk and Cook  Trial and retrial of four Brighton and Hove Albion professional footballers for sexual assault and voyeurism.

R v Bowen  Royal Marine who brought back a ‘trophy’ Taliban AK47 from the Gulf War.

R v Clark  Bexhill stranger sexual attack and strangulation by serving soldier.

R v C  Sexual abuse of children by young man. 

R v Medland  Murder of woman by estranged husband during meeting in central Brighton square.


R v Dhalla  Stalking by City auditor of former fiancée. See the book, ‘Stalked’, written by Alison Hewitt. 

R v Skilton and Long  Murder of 17 year old by ‘plastic gangster’.

R v Lyons and others  Group attack attempted murder arising out of family dispute involving baseball bats and running over with a 4×4 vehicle.

R v Basra  Attempted murder of love rival with meat cleaver. 

R v Carter  Lorry driver historic sexual abuse of young girls across UK.

R v Crawford  Stranger rapist from 1985, caught by DNA evidence on cold case review. 

R v Haunch  Paedophile teacher rapist, a member of PIE, from 1970-80s.

R v Mouza  Stranger rapist in Crawley.

R v X  Mother forcing her teenage daughter to impregnate herself with sperm bought on the Internet.

R v Allen  Murder of wife by man after home renovations went wrong.


R v Peachey  Attempted murder of terminally ill father whilst in hospital ward.

R v Tejkowski  Trial of serial stranger rapist.

R v Bridgeman  Trial of City solicitor for perverting the course of justice.

R v Baig  Stabbing to death of wife in car by mentally ill man.

R v Riley  Sex offences committed by two brothers, a school caretaker and a karate teacher.

R v C  Successful defence of a lorry driver in death by dangerous driving trial resulting from multiple vehicle collision on M42 (sleep apnoea defence).

R v Wenham  Death by dangerous driving in Brighton town centre. 

R v Cogger  Man shot by police in armed stand-off at home address.

R v Batsimba  Attempted murder with machete during course of group fight in Crawley town centre.

Older cases

R v Coutts  Junior in trial and re-trial relating to the murder of Jane Longhurst.

R v Fisher  Briefed alone in prosecution of Hastings multiple killer and sex attacker.

Re ST  Representing a member of the Children of God in long-running Wardship proceedings.

R v Hardison  Leading in trial of manufacturer of massive amounts of LSD and related illegal psychotropic drugs.

R v Scrase  Briefed alone in prosecution of Eastbourne arson and double murder.

R v Henry and Cole  Leading in trial of attempted murder and robbery; victim survived shooting when bullet hit his mobile phone in his breast pocket. 

R v Dunne  Murder of former housemate by paranoid schizophrenic who believed he was a witch.

R v Hewlett  Leading in trial of attempted murder of estranged wife by Inland Revenue civil servant using a stolen van in faked hit-and-run ‘accident’.

R v Barnes  Trial of attempted murder of best man; victim left severely physically and mentally handicapped. 

R v Devall and others  Junior prosecuting a six-handed murder.

R v Harris  Trial of paramedic for perverting the course of justice when falsifying records relating to the death of a 999 caller.

R v MacBride  Murder of boat owner at sea.

R v Austin and others  Junior in trial of manslaughter of Qatari language student on Hastings’ seafront.

R v Cummings  One-punch manslaughter at Brighton nightclub.

R v McMillan  Defence junior in murder of transgender prostitute by one of her clients.

R v Genestin  Junior in trial of murder of wife by French national; body stored in roof box in garden.

R v Sumner and Price  Joint murder of eccentric homosexual.

R v Jones  Motor manslaughter of elderly lady by wanted offender in stolen car during the course of police chase.

R v Walder and Martindale  Murder by woman intervening between men fighting. 

R v Dalton  Murder of hairdresser by partner.

R v McWilliam and McWilliam  Murder of child by proposed adoptive parents.

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