Laura Buchan was invited to speak to Goodman Ray Solicitors Family Team, about how the Courts deal with Cryptoassets within Financial Remedy proceedings.

Laura’s seminar, ‘Cryptoassets and Courts. How do they mix?’ covered a variety of topics, including;

  How are Cryptoassets dealt with and viewed by the courts?

  How does Cryptocurrency work and why is that important for Financial Remedy practitioners?

  What are the tax implications moving forward, including CGT and other taxes?

  What to look out for when completing your Forms E, and how can Cryptocurrency be traced?

  Hot and cold wallets – how to deal with both as practitioners?



Download Counsels handout below:

Cryptoassets and Courts – How do they mix? By Laura Buchan

Cryptoassets and Courts – How do they mix? Terminology sheet. By Laura Buchan

HMRC Cryptocurrency Manual