Ayisha Robertson has again been asked to be a judge in the University of Law’s upcoming mock trials.

This year the University of Law’s mock trials will be held throughout the day on the 11th February in the same venue as last year , the Inner London Crown Court, Newington Causeway, London.

Her assigned case involves a theft from a London retailer.  This is only one of 6 cases.  Across all the cases, 36 students will be working in pairs on their briefs in both prosecution and defence roles.   Their work will be deliberated by a jury made up of fellow students from other courses and, to give the trial an additional level of reality, the police officers will be played by trainee police officers.

Ayisha was only too glad to be asked and to accept her invitation to be a judge again for the University of Law.  At Westgate Chambers we remain committed to doing what we can to encourage the progress of the next generation of lawyers and this, like the other events we support, is a crucial part of this process.

If you are planning an event for law students and would like to discuss whether one of Westgate Chambers experienced Family, Criminal and Civil barristers could help, please get in touch with our clients.