Westgate Chambers would like to congratulate our colleague Charmaine Wilson, who has just been appointed as the new Secretary of the Family Law Bar Association.

The Family Law Bar Association (FLBA) is the specialist organisation that looks after family barristers and has over 1700 members.

The FLBA organises conferences, seminars, meetings and social events for its members. The FLBA has an annual conference each spring at Cumberland Lodge. It also has a National Conference each autumn, the location of which varies from year to year.

The FLBA also holds a series of accredited CPD lectures each year which cover a wide spectrum of family law topics from ancillary relief to international child abduction. These lectures are also available online to members only.

The FLBA is consulted by both the judiciary and government departments, including the Legal Aid Agency and the Ministry of Justice, in all important initiatives affecting family law and family barristers. The FLBA produces a magazine, Family Affairs, three times a year, to keep its members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure.

We all wish Charmaine the very best for her new role and look forward to seeing the positive impact she’ll have on this very important organisation.