Last night we entertained a large group of Public Law Children lawyers at the Enter Gallery, in Bond Street, Brighton.

Our guests included Goodlaw Solicitors, Goodman Ray, Taylor Rose, Caffcass, EJ Moyles, Wannops, Amin Solicitors, Brighton & Hove Law, and Spearpoint Franks to name a few.  As the photos show, a good time was had by all.

The Enter Gallery Bond Street Brighton is home to an enormous range of work in various media by a long list of leading British artists that includes Damien Hirst, Copyright, Peter Blake, Gilbert & George and Tracy Emin.

The reason we chose the Enter Gallery is their passion.

As well as being driven by an unerring desire to support artists, carefully curate their work and inspire creativity within the local community events, they also want to blow away the often held view that art is opaque and intimidating.

They simply want to create a sense of artistic community and openness and they proved this beyond our expectations last night as they opened up our community of valued clients to an exhilarating and challenging collection of art in all its forms.

We will be running a range of social events for clients and friends throughout the year.  To make sure you receive your invite, please email Westgate Chambers’ deputy senior clerk Stuart.