If you are an aspiring barrister or interested in pursuing a career at The Bar, please join us online for the first virtual Westgate Chambers pupillage open evening at 6.30 on the 7th February.

During the evening our current pupils and several of our barristers will be talking about their experiences, both as pupils and as barristers.  We will also describe the application processes for the pupillage positions we have for October 2023 and April 2024 in more detail.

Guests will also have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about becoming a pupil barrister, being a pupil barrister and, of course, being a barrister.

What is behind Westgate Chambers pupillage open evening?

If you are new to Westgate Chambers, we were established in 1987 and now have more than 40 barristers.

We are based in Brighton and operate throughout the South East, London and beyond and have built a strong reputation for our legal excellence and the excellent service we provide.

As a pupil you will be welcomed into the team and invited to join members at regular Chambers and circuit events.

Your pupillage will be divided in to 3 periods of 4 months supervision and we will actively encourage you to broaden your experience during your first six by spending time with outside agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service, probation service, housing agencies, and local authorities.

Whilst within Chambers, you will benefit from a rigorous training programme tailored to the areas of law you are interested in.  In your first six you will also participate in regular workshops which will focus on common applications and drafting.

In your second six you will be required to undertake a series of assessments relevant to Chambers’ specialist practice areas.

In addition to the work undertaken within your chosen legal specialism (crime or family), you will have the opportunity to practice in all areas of Chambers’ work, including regular appearances in the Magistrates’, County and Crown Courts, representing both the prosecution and defence.

If you would like to find out more you could visit our dedicated pupillage page but it would be far more beneficial if you join us for our virtual pupillage open evening by contacting our clerks to book your ticket today.