Deputy Senior Clerk, Stuart Taylor writes ‘Clerking: A balancing act. A wellbeing story

The article was published on It’s a Lawyers Life, a website designed to look at lawyers’ lives rather than has long been the case, at the law.

According to the publishers the site is “a one-stop resource for lawyers like us” where lawyers can find:

• Useful information about travelling to different courts
• Tips on where to get a great coffee or tasty sandwich at court or on the go
• Advice on the latest court fashions
• Tips on where to get sensible, but funky, shoes
• Reviews of films, plays, books, concerts to enjoy when your cases finish
• Interviews with the leading lights of the legal profession and beyond
• Help with personal issues we’re reluctant to talk about
• Recipes, holiday tips, photos of cute pets….all the things that make up a lawyer’s life

Having seen his article go live Stuart commented:

“It was great to get my clerking story on paper. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the piece and working with Rehna Azim and Keeley Lengthorn was brilliant.”

You can read the full article here.