Divorce in later life is impacting more and more people.  In fact, it has risen by 64% since 1990.  Trina Little was recently invited to share some tips on how to navigate divorce in later life on the Family Law Matters podcast with hosts Jacqueline Mensah and Sarah Pennicott of Bennett Griffin Solicitors.

In the full interview (which you can watch here) Trina answers a wide range of questions regarding divorce later in life including:

How long does it take?

Will I have to go to court?

Are there alternative ways to approach a divorce later in life?

If I have to go to court, will I be able to take someone with me for support?

Will the court make allowances for my health/physical needs if I have to attend?

My spouse has the bigger income so how will I manage financially until the court makes a decision?

I brought more financially to the marriage and want to ensure my assets are protected for my children from my previous marriage, will the court take that into account?

What happens to our property/properties?

What happens to our pensions, particularly is they are already being paid out on?

Will our pre-nuptial agreement be upheld by the court?

What happens if one spouse is in poor health and passes before a final agreement is reached?

These are of course all questions Trina and the rest of our hugely experienced family barristers frequently help our instructing solicitors and their clients answer.  If you are involved in a case involving a divorce later in life and would like to discuss the best way to proceed, please contact us today.