Thursday 29th September 2022 saw members of Westgate Chambers visit Brighton University to talk to their new intake of students about life at the Criminal Bar.

Andrew Stephens delivered an informative and entertaining lecture on the subject to a packed lecture hall.

Admittedly he flagged up the possible pitfalls in the career path but the bulk of his talk focused on the enormous satisfaction a barrister enjoys during a career at the Bar.  He emphasised the enthusiasm that we all share for our profession, and how crucial it is that it remains a career that is easily accessible to passionate and capable new applicants in the future.

This was followed by a lively Q&A session involving all six members of Chambers who attended to give them a more informal chance to discuss the issues in smaller groups.

We are proud of our ongoing links with our local universities and the outreach work we undertake with them and Westgate Chambers’ visit to Brighton University is one of several similar visits we have planned.  We are keen to ensure that we remain a diverse Set which can be a nurturing home to potential barristers from a wide range of backgrounds.

If you are interested in a career at the Bar or would like to find out more about pupillage or internships, please contact us today.