On 9th March two of our University of Law Alumni Ayisha Robertson and Nicola Sully returned to the Bloomsbury campus to judge the finals of the Advocacy Committee’s Family Law moot.

All judges were impressed by the caliber of student’s submissions.  They were all well signposted, structured and thorough which was even more admirable given Family Law is particularly difficult for students to grapple with as it is not taught on the Bar Course.

The students’ self-taught knowledge of the law was an enormous credit to both their academic aptitude and commitment.

There was very little between the candidates however the judges eventually agreed Georgia Allen (GDL student) the winner.

In the judges’ eyes Ms. Allen’s submissions were erudite, she boldly rebutted the Appellant’s oral submissions in her own without exceeding the time limit and gave considered and well-argued responses to the judicial intervention.

Westgate looks forward to welcoming Georgia to Chambers for the week long mini-pupillage she earned as the competition’s winner.

Everyone at Westgate Chambers would like to thank the University’s Advocacy Committee for organising such a fantastic Family Law moot event.