Sarah, Alissa and Scott will Judge the four finalists in this year’s the University of Sussex, Mayo Wynne Baxter Junior Mooting Competition and help pick two winners selected by the panel, both of whom will win a mini-pupillage at Westgate Chambers.

The finals of the annual Moot, which take place on the 29th March from 7pm at the University of Sussex Campus, will be undertaken by first year law students whose final exams fall before the end of the Universities academic year, in mid-May.

We look forward to announcing the winners of the University of Sussex, Mayo Wynne Baxter Junior Mooting Competition on the 30th March!

What is a Junior Mooting Competition?

If ‘mooting’ is new to you, a moot court competition is designed to simulate a court

Mooting has been a key part of legal training for centuries.  This is because the process has enormous benefit for those participating.  Mooting enables students to delve deeply into current and often complex legal issues in a more 3-deminsional ‘real life’ setting that a classroom could never provide.

At the same time, the mooters are improving their advocacy, legal research and writing skills and, critically, learning to think then deliver on their feet and under both pressure and scrutiny, a skill that will be pivotal once they begin their legal career.

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