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Spotlight on Richard Barton, Westgate Chambers’ Head of Chambers

Richard is Westgate Chambers’ Head of Chambers.  A specialist in criminal, regulatory and civil work, Richard has been described as “a very skillful advocate who exudes charm and confidence” and repeatedly praised for both his advocacy skills and the quality of his advice. However, in the first of a new series of spotlights on Westgate […]

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What is the 5 years separation rule in a divorce?

Historically the 5 years separation rule was one of five available grounds for divorce in England and Wales, a factor you could use to show your marriage had broken down irretrievably.  If after 5 years both parties were in contact and in agreement regarding the divorce, it offered a quick and easy way to end […]

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Why are more and more couples experimenting with birdnesting after divorce?

More and more couples are experimenting with birdnesting after divorce.  They believe their children could be spared at least a fraction of the upset they’d otherwise feel if they can stay in the same house  with their parents taking it in turns to join them. The reason birdnesting is increasingly being viewed as a beneficial […]

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