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What is a Young Persons Appointment (YPA)?

A Young Persons Appointment (YPA), also known as wishes and feelings appointments, is the new initiative launched in Surrey and Sussex to streamline the process for children and parents when an application for child arrangements is pursued. The Young Persons Appointment is more focused on the child’s views and wishes than on the pro-active pursuit […]

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What is Divorce Day and how can you start planning if you think Divorce Day will affect you?

If you are unsure what Divorce Day is, it is the first working Monday of every year.  It has earned this unattractive sobriquet because, historically, it is the day that brings family lawyers the highest volume of new divorce enquiries. Although the average length of a marriage is going up and the overall number of […]

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How can you get through Christmas before separating in January?

January is often the month couples choose to progress a divorce.  If you feel you are in this situation it is essential, for the sake of your family, that you work out how best to get through Christmas before separating in January. For some couples, Christmas is the reason they decide to separate.  Certain arguments […]

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